Freelance Professional Multidisciplinary Artist,  School & Community Workshop Facilitator, TV & Radio Wild Food Consultant, Gallery Owner and Supplier of Tribal Artefacts and Ethnographic Curiosities.

NorthRigtonschoolproject[1]My Normal ‘bread & butter’ work takes the form of large community and school art projects and commission work both in the UK and abroad.  I use my wide and varied range of skills to embrace, create and facilitate art installations that involve the pupils as co-creators and occasionally the wider community.  I have a talent for most aspects of hands-on creation.  I make ideas happen!  I think fast and on my feet!


I am also a ceramicist and general art technician with many years experience working in studios, art departments and privately for other artists.  I specialise in working with children and adults with physical and emotional disabilities/ difficulties, one:one and in groups.


I prefer collaborative projects.  I enjoy being part of the growth process you get when you pool the energies of groups of people.  I love to observe transformations in levels of awareness – be that creative; spiritual; mental; emotional, environmental or physical.  I ‘push’ people to go beyond the boundaries they set for themselves and that includes me too!

l_4b36eb1492b6395d874d47322586aaa81[1]Dressing up and exploring alter egos, especially with fellow artists and friends is lots of fun.  Many of my theatrical costumes and artistic creations start off as public performances and theatre.  I enjoy being part of a creative collective working in a range of different mediums, from bone carving to body painting, cookery to TV and Radio.

Using roadkill bones to make jewellery - BoliviaOver the years I have developed a talent for creating art forms from natural (mainly organic) materials, especially animal parts such as bones, fur, teeth, claws, etc.  Very rarely does this cross over into my mainstream work in schools and community.

This form of expression is my way of interacting and connecting with Nature around me, in a deeper way.  I can do this and still retain a sense of humour.  A lot of this work is very personal and can have adult themes – not suitable to be displayed on this site which has been designed for school use.

I occasionally take on private taxidermy commission work when I have the time!

You can contact me via this site.


Last, but certainly NOT least…

road-kill-gyozo-roger-moody-picI am also a Roadkill Recycler and Connoisseur, Adventurous Cook and Wild Food Forager.  I love being creative and injecting humour into what I ‘rustle up’!  I enjoy the challenge of using the body parts other cooks don’t like to use!  I often hold impromptu workshops at camps and festivals small and large teaching the joys of Road Kill Preparation.

It always amazes me how squeamish your average carnivore is!  I love what I do! I’m a very happy scavenger and I dislike waste.

My alternative workshops and creations can be found here www.alisonbrierley.wordpress.com but be warned, this site contains adult themes.

Click here to view a slide show of photos and press clippings from commissioned projects that I’ve carried out with schools and communities over the years.

Here is a link to a page on another site which gives you a little more insight to my artistic and anthropological background…